• Canadian nationals using Canadian passports do not need a visa to visit Chile as a tourist or business traveler. You may remain in Chile for a period of 90 days, renewable for 90 additional days at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Aliens Department, Santiago, Chile.
  • Upon entering Chile, a onetime fee of US$132 covering the validity of the passport must be paid. This is a fee based on a reciprocity principle between the governments of Canada and Chile.
  • Citizens of other nationalities should inquire at the embassy whether or not a tourist visa is required to enter Chile.
  • Due to Chilean government regulations, you must apply in person for Chilean visas. Appointments are required before any application visit is allowed.
  • When the appointment is made, the Chilean official will inform you of the required documents. The usual items requested are as follows for a Tourist Visa, and must be presented at the interview: valid passport; Canadian Permanent Resident card; proof of travel arrangements from travel agent; employment certificate/letter; names and ID of contacts in Chile; proof of marital status; and proof of economic solvency.
  • For any other inquiries, please contact the Consulate General of Chile in Ottawa, Canada at: (613)235-4402.