• Type of Visa: Business
  • Number of Entries: Single
  • Max length of stay (days): 15
  • Valid for (days): 90


  • - Applicant’s passport valid for at least 6 months after the intended exit date.
  • - The visa application form, thoroughly filled out and dated, bearing applicant’s signature.
  • - 1 passport size, front view, white background and recently-taken photograph.
  • - A copy of round trip tickets or confirmed itinerary.
  • - The letter described below must be translated into Spanish - NO EXCEPTIONS. (The North American company letter stating; level of education, marital status, the purpose of the trip, dates, entries, foreign host organization, a contact name, address, and phone #, they, "guarantee" expenses by the business and, "applicant(s) will not be paid a salary in that country", signed by an officer of the company other than the applicant(s). An original is not required. This letter must also be accompanied by an original business card for each applicant.)
  • - Please state in your business support letter if you have to stay more than 15 days. The consulate will then make the decision whether or not you will be approved.


Our prices cover the Embassy fees and our service fees only, Taxes extra.

If you need the Visa processed faster than the time displayed here, contact us at: 613-233-VISA (8472) or 1-877-595-1276

Level of Service Processing Time
(Business Days)
Embassy Fee ($CDN) Our Fee ($CDN) Total Cost ($CDN)
Level 1 5 70 50 120



Visa Request Form


Embassy Visa Application Form


Embassy Visa Application Form for Indian Nationality only

  • Type of Visa: Tourist
  • Number of Entries: Single
  • Max length of stay (days): 90
  • Valid for (days): 90


  • - Argentina tourist visa is not required for citizens of Canada for a stay up to 90 days.